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We are a data driven growth hacking agency where we work with some of the fastest growing startups and SME’s. We use lean methodologies and contextual data to drive result-driven campaigns. Our growth hack agency conducts weekly growth hack experiments, driving quality traffic, funnel conversion, optimization & lot more to drive best ROI.

Growth Hacking

Bi-weekly Growth Experiments Targeted Traffic from Different Channels Scaling Growth


On Page and Off Page optimization Hacking AdWords, FB Adverts, Bing Optimizing to Get Highest Quality Traffic

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram Driving Likes, Tweets and Shares Building Engaging Community

Lead Generation

Drive New Leads Referrals and Loyalty Funnel Optimization and Scale


Buyer Persona, Targeting Sharable and Engaging posts Drive Customer Journey

Emerging Channels

Identify Best New Channels Setup New Campaigns Drive ROI

Growth Hacking in Action

  • Dec, 15

    Nirma – growth hacking in India to get 35% Market Cap

    In India ‘Surf‘ by Unilever was synonym to detergent powder during the 1960s and 70s. It held an undisputed leadership in the detergent market then. However, their penetration was very low because their product was considered as the premium products. Then came the ‘NIRMA’ detergent powder; it dethroned the market leader by its strong pricing […]

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    Dec, 13

    Listerine – Growth Hacking with Print Media in 1920’s

    Listerine hit people on their weak spot. People are often insecure with their body image and Listerine got them. They made people insecure about their breath. They coined a term halitosis, which derived from Latin root halitus, or “breath,” with the Greek suffix osis, “a state of disease “Listerine, for instance, was invented in the […]

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  • Dec, 12

    Growth Hacking Amazon Prime in India

    How did Amazon India made sure the success of the Amazon Prime in the country? India has always been a price sensitive market and asking consumers to ‘pay’ for a subscription to avail best of their services was almost suicidal in the cut throat competition that e Commerce companies (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal) in India face. […]

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    Dec, 9

    Growth Hacking Coffee Industry by Nespresso

    Nespresso smartly managed to re-invent the market a cheap commodity (coffee) and turn it into a perceived ‘luxury’ item that generates billions of dollars every year in a category that Nestle was able to redefine through the shrewdest marketing, distribution, pricing and retail business strategy I’ve ever seen. Ultimately, they’re selling capsules with 5 grams […]

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  • Dec, 8

    Growth Hacking Story of Walt Disney World

    Walt Disney World (WDW) in Florida, the spiritual (if not commercial) flagship of the Disney Corporation, just embodies business genius in many different ways. I can think of (and list below) at least five separate, brilliant maneuvers made by Walt Disney and his successors in the design and management of this property. What’s especially intriguing, I think, […]

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    Dec, 7

    Growth Hacking with Bottle Design by Coca Cola

    What’s the best way to create instant brand-recognition and stand out in a monopolistically competitive market? Inimitable design. Enter the Coca-Cola bottle. In 1894, Mississippi shop owner Joseph A. Biedenharn began bottling Coca-Cola after he was impressed by its sales. He sold the drink to his customers in a common, unexceptional glass bottle called a Hutchinson. […]

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  • Dec, 6

    Growth Hacking Red Bull Before the Age of Internet

    The whole Red Bull story just fascinates me. These guys have really taken the status quo of marketing and turned it on its head. They have taken a drink made in Thailand and marketed it so well that it’s known the world over. The drink isn’t that great, but the brand is amazing. Especially in […]

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    Dec, 4

    3 Best Growth Secrets of Small Town Businesses

    I was at a dinner gathering a few weeks ago, and some of the guests were talking about trips they’d recently taken. One of the attendees told a story about a weekend getaway, where his wife and kids visited an ice cream shop in Chicago. This particular ice cream shop was recommended by another family, […]

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  • Nov, 16

    10 Best Practical Growth Hack for Travel Startups

    1. Sharing is Caring: Host an event once a month (or fortnightly) that brings frequent travelers together. It could be about some of the exotic travel destinations, do’s and don’ts about trekking, backpacking etc. This will create lots of word-of-mouth marketing and visibility locally as well as among online travel communities. This will bring all the […]

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    Oct, 22

    Growth Hacking Facebook Page Likes for Less Than $0.01

    I’ve been experimenting with social media marketing from last 7 years and Facebook is one of those channels that get tricky even today. Being the largest social networking platform in the world, along with its massive user base, the platform is evolving almost every single day. If you are a small business owner growth hacking […]

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