[Infographic] 11 Ways to Optimizing Facebook Ads

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Optimizing Facebook ads to reach the right audience by adopting the best tactics that are used by best marketers for their Facebook campaigns.

  Here is the list of 11 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ads.

  1. Keep Mobile and Desktop Ads separate while optimizing Facebook Ads

Use separate ad sets for mobile and desktop so you can optimize your Facebook ads, bids and conversions based on device.
Ads and calls to action are likely to perform differently on desktop versus mobile, and any ad setup should take that into account

     2. Optimize Desktop News Feed and  Right-Column Ads Separately

One of the best practices in marketing is to set up highly segmented ads. Separating desktop news feed and right-column ads are necessary for optimizing campaigns by device, placement and any other targeting option.

     3. Test Different Images while optimizing Facebook Ads

Find the best image that maximizes your click-through rate and conversions

    4. Choose The Best Call To Action in optimizing Facebook Ads

Calls to action can have a significant impact on your click-through rate, as well as your conversion rate, and you should split test them thoroughly over time.

   5. Segment Audiences Into AD Sets while optimizing Facebook Ads

As a general rule, you should group your target interests into topics and create one ad set per topic.

   6. Install a Conversion Panell while optimizing Facebook Ads

This is an obvious tip, but surprisingly many businesses neglect to install conversion pixels.

   7. Specify a Conversion Code while optimizing Facebook Ads

Facebook allows you to create multiple conversion codes because you may want to track several goals on your website

   8.   Target By Audience 

          Target By Income

   9. Set Up a Remarketing Pixel while optimizing Facebook Ads

This is one of the best ways to reach out to traffic that originally came via Google AdWords.

   10. Test Lookalike Audience 

A lookalike audience is a list of users whose characteristics are similar to users of a website custom audience.

    11. Test Bidding Strategies while optimizing Facebook Ads

Test different bidding methods to find out what reduces the cost per conversion but still gets enough volume.I recommend starting with CPC and conversion optimizer.

Source: https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com

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