Click To Tweet Plugin – Growth Hacking Tools

Ease of Use: Very Easy

Integration: Basic WordPress

Coding: None

Click To Tweet - Growth hacking tools -


This is one of the simplest growth hacking tools that we use at Growth Hack University for content marketing that has resulted in ton of engagement and traffic for our websites.

Content marketing is a big part of any startup trying to get organic visibility online.

Usually, my first step starts with creating a blog section on the website to post informative articles about the product.

Most users visit your website and read your articles but exit without any real engagement such as sharing it on their social media accounts, which is where the virality starts.

One way to encourage readers to engage more with your content is by highlighting a part of the content and making it a seamless experience for readers to share it on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Click To Tweet Plugin allows you to do just that!

It’s a WordPress plugin that you can download here.

Once you install it on your WordPress site, you have to configure it in “Settings” in WordPress Dashboard.

Go to “Settings” > Click To Tweet

Add your Twitter handle that you want users to mention while sharing your blog post.

Once you do this, you’re ready to use this tool.

Every time you write an article, pick a line (preferably 120 characters or less) that you want to highlight and add that line inside parenthesis like this [Tweet “This line that you want user to tweet”]

This is as simple as it gets!

After working with startups such as YourStory, OfferGrid, UnBuffer and more for 7 years, he's decided to fill in the marketing gap by helping them grow without breaking the bank through his growth hacking experiments.

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