Course on Basics of Automation – Growth Hacking and Lead Generation

It’s 2018! Are you still cold calling your customers or spamming them with emails, hoping that someone will open your email and click that link to visit your website? This used to work back in the 90’s and it did make a fortune to a lot of brands. Not anymore!

Today’s world is taken over by automation and bots that will do all the hard work of heavy lifting for you. You can use automation bots for prospecting, lead generation, lead nurturing and to even close a sale for you! But you need to get the right bot that talks the right language with the right messaging to the right target audience.

Growth Hacking Automation Bots Lead Generation

Let me repeat that for you! You need:

1. the right bot that

2. talks the right language with

3. the right messaging to

4. the right target audience.

Get all the above four parts is extremely crucial for the success of your campaign.

I’ll be conducting a hands-on-workshop on Basics of Automation Bots for Growth Hacking and Lead Generation.


What you’ll learn:

  • Basics of Automation bots
  • How to setup bots for your business
  • How to generate leads
  • How to nurture leads
  • How to close sales using automation bots.


Target Audience: Startup founders, Digital Marketers, Salesmen and Techies.

Venue: NASSCOM Startup Warehouse, Domlur, Bangalore

Date: 20th January 2018, Saturday 10 A.M.

Workshop Fee: Rs. 1,000

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After working with startups such as YourStory, OfferGrid, UnBuffer and more for 7 years, he's decided to fill in the marketing gap by helping them grow without breaking the bank through his growth hacking experiments.

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