Growth Hacking Amazon Prime in India

How did Amazon India made sure the success of the Amazon Prime in the country?

India has always been a price sensitive market and asking consumers to ‘pay’ for a subscription to avail best of their services was almost suicidal in the cut throat competition that e Commerce companies (Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal) in India face. So how did Amazon introduce Amazon Prime in the Indian market and made sure that it is a success.

Launch of Amazon Prime in India

Amazon launched the Prime service in India on 26th July 2016. The only communication of Amazon Prime live in India was via their own website. The offer was that you can subscribe to the Amazon Prime services for FREE for the next 2 months. Almost all Amazon loyals who keep on browsing their website even with no necessary purchase intent subscribed to the service – after all it was free.

What was next? Amazon released Full Page Ads in National Dailies across India on 1st Aug 2016 making sure that everyone who is registered with them subscribes to the FREE Amazon Prime service trail for 2 months.

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Two months later…

Amazon India’s Great Indian Festival – Oct 2016

Couple of months later, Amazon announced its biggest sale of the year the Amazon Great Indian Festival starting 1st Oct 2016 – 5th Oct 2015 with early access to all their deals to Amazon Prime customers. A full page ad followed again in all leading dailies.

growth hacking Amazon

This sale promised early access to all deals on Amazon provided one has Prime access.

growth hacking Amazon

However, there was a surprise waiting for the customers. When they logged in their Amazon accounts they saw a message of their Prime membership expiring.

growth hacking Amazon

The shrewed move

Why did Amazon start its sale on 1st Oct where as both Flipkart and Snapdeal started their sale from 2nd Oct ? Simple to make sure that the first day people renew their Amazon Prime subscription for an year. They also rolled out introductory pricing for Prime membership.

growth hacking Amazon

Its a no brainer that the best deal started pouring 2nd Oct onward at the same time when Flipkart and Snapdeal took their sale live. This included exclusive deal for Prime customers again on the Apple iPhone 6S.

Thereby, subtly Amazon didn’t only get a head-start in the biggest festive sale against competition but also pushed Amazon Prime in the shopping cart of millions.

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