Growth Hacking Facebook Page Likes for Less Than $0.01

I’ve been experimenting with social media marketing from last 7 years and Facebook is one of those channels that get tricky even today. Being the largest social networking platform in the world, along with its massive user base, the platform is evolving almost every single day.

If you are a small business owner growth hacking Facebook Page or a social media manager managing a few pages, you must have noticed that the rate at we get organic page likes has drastically reduced from the last couple of years. Gone are the days where we could get hundreds (literally!) of page likes by just publishing a few interesting posts on our page.

That means, from here on, it’s going to get much tougher to get those Page Likes on your Facebook Page unless you play with the inside rules to Growth hacking Facebook page to scale your audience.


So, my initial goal was to drive Page Likes under One Rupee ($ 0.015) per like.

My client runs a startup in Education space and their page is filled with posts about educational and useful informative content for students. The goal here was to drive the number of page likes for their Brand page to reach out to more students.

From my initial research about the page, here are some stats on page’s performance.

Page Likes: 3400

Page Posts Per day: 3-4

Average Organic Likes a day: 7

Average Post Engagements per week: 4250

Occasionally, some important posts were earlier promoted using Post Boost option. So we observed a sudden boost in page likes (about 40-50 page likes for that day) during these post promotions.


Assumption: By narrowing down the targeting to our ideal user (based on our user persona), we should be able to get Facebook Page Likes at $0.015


Observation: We were able to profile our user based on insights from Facebook Page.

  • Our audiences are mostly students and a portion (about 25%) is teachers.
  • They were interested in simple puzzles (based on their interactions on page posts).
  • Interesting quotes from famous personalities had higher reach and engagements.
  • 57% of men and 28% of women between the ages 18-44 were page’s actively engaged users.


Plan of Action: We planned to explore different targeting options on Facebook to drive Page Likes over a period of one month.


Experiment 1: Regular Page Like campaign with deep targeting

Duration: 1 week

Budget: $20 per week

Targeting: Based on interests and hobbies. We targeted all users in India, between the age group of 18-44, interested in education, puzzles, math tricks etc.

Bids: $0.015 per page like (as that was my initial target) and I would be charged for every page likes.

Result 1:

As I started the campaign, I did not see much engagement. I saw about 100 reaches, but barely 14 Page Likes on the first day.

So I tried optimizing it by increasing the bid by 10% in short intervals (every 6-8 hours depending on the page likes delivered and reach) and changed the delivery mode to ‘Accelerated mode’ to get more reach and likes. I was able to see a sudden spike of 132 Likes on the second day at $0.014 Cost Per Page Like.

Next, I started decreasing the bids in short intervals and results were apparent, the number of likes dropped to 43, at the cost of $0.007. Now that was a good deal for Cost Per Page Like!

On the 4th day, increased the bids by 10% for bit longer duration (about 12 hours) and we saw the number of likes shooting to 98, at almost the same cost $0.0075. Now we knew we were up to something 😉 We just had to scale our campaign further to grow this machine!

Now the campaign had some pace and I wanted to check if we could bring down the Cost Per Page Like much lower, so I decreased the bid by 10%  on 5th day. Reach reduced along with page likes, we got about 67 likes at the same cost (almost) $0.0073.

growth hacking facebook page


At this point, I needed more Likes at the same (or lesser) cost and more likes, so I looked at all the adverts that were performing well. I needed to replicate more of those ads which have performed better to a larger audience. On the 6th day, I created a similar campaign (copied all settings from the previous campaign) and modified a bit. I added few more interests categories to my target audience, added a few more intriguing pictures from the stock library with new text copy and deleted all those which were not performing.

This was a good exercise, as I was able to see higher reach (about 30% more than before) and more likes. We got 89 likes at the cost of $0.008 each.

Just to experiment further, I decreased the bids by another 20% for this campaign alone and it dropped in the number of likes but at Cost Per Like of $0.004.

Overall, our goal was accomplished as we delivered 432 likes for just $4.18, each Page Like costing us less than $0.01, way lesser than our initial prediction! We achieved our goal of delivering Page Likes at less than a $0.015.

Week One, Mission Accomplished!

In the next part, I’ll post about how we scaled this campaign to deliver a thousand likes per day under $0.01.


  1. Getting the user persona right was one of the key factors in the success of this campaign.
  2. Experimenting with a different image and ad copy can make or break your campaign. It has to be simple, yet catchy. If it doesn’t make you look back at your image again, it won’t catch others’ attention.
  3. Sometimes expanding target your audience (by about 10%) by adding more broader (yet relevant) interests can work well.
  4. Monitor the campaign every 30 minutes (at least) to check the health of the campaign. If it doesn’t show any reach after 4-5 hours, you might wanna make some changes.


Pro Tips:

  1. When the campaign doesn’t deliver reach, try increasing bids in short intervals (I did this in about 6 hours) depending on your reach and campaign settings.
  2. Have at least 5 combinations (of images and ad copy) of ads in each of your campaigns. Sometimes, the ad that you least expect might perform better than you expected.
  3. Ideally, to explore growth hack experiments, it is best to have at least 2000 page likes on your Facebook page before you get started.

When doing paid campaigns, don’t lose track of organic growth on the page. You may be doing something wrong if your organic page likes don’t see a relative rise in the number of likes as your total page likes grow.

After working with startups such as YourStory, OfferGrid, UnBuffer and more for 7 years, he's decided to fill in the marketing gap by helping them grow without breaking the bank through his growth hacking experiments.

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