Growth Mindset – How marketers use % (percentage) to grow business

Growth Mindset – How marketers brainwash consumers by using % (percent) numbers!

growth mindset

You’ve seen Steve Jobs do it while promoting iPhones “The new iPhone is 30% thinner than the older iPhones”. And did that work like a miracle? ( Growth Mindset in Percentage % )

That’s because people relate to percentage better than quantity.

Even if you don’t understand the measure of a metric (like grams, ml, K, KG, sq.m, km, dollar), putting a percentage to it creates an abstract measure in your mind to measure the end outcome and add a certain percentage on top of that.

For example, if you’re a buyer and have no idea of the real estate price in a new location, it makes less sense if the broker says it’s cheaper or costs $1264 per sq.m this month.

It makes more sense if the broker says “you can avail this land at 25% less cost per sq.m this month”

Suddenly 25% less sounds like a big bargain.

You can observe similar trends in packaged food products, electronic goods, restaurant offers and all consumer goods!

Wait till you see politicians, statisticians or people in power use percentages to prove a point.

Here’s one more example of growth mindset :

“Blacks are 50% more likely to be unarmed while being killed by the police than whites” means “9% of blacks killed by the police are unarmed, and 6% of whites killed by the police are unarmed. Difference between 9% and 6% is 50% because 9 – 6 = 50% of 6.”

Pretty solid marketing tool right?!

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