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Social Media for Business Growth

social media for business

It’s 2018, Still not using social media for business? –  social media is one of the fastest growing platforms where nearly 2.77 Billion users around the globe with more and more people joining social media and using them in day to day life. The social media industry is booming like never and social media for business can be used effectively.

Yes, as a Start-Up/Business you should take advantage of social media for business to increase your business income and to grow your business.

With such an amazing growth, every business/startup need to use proper social media channels so that you can reach out to your niche targeted audience and increase sales. Because this targeted audience are hanging around such popular social media platforms. And they are engaging with their favorite brands and connecting with them on different levels in a different social media channel.

In this huge Social Media Industry, how will you connect with your right audience?

  • Choose the best social media channels
  • Give your business brand the social media touch in all channels
  • Impress the audience with your business brand in social media channels
  • Connect with your customers better and serve them on high priority

 As a Startup, How to use social media for business growth?

According to a report on Small Business Trends, here’s how social media users engage with brands in USA.

36% – Find out about product and services.
31% – Receive exclusive offers, coupons or other discounts.
24% – To show support for their favorite companies or brands.
23% – Rate or review a product or services.
16% – Gain access to VIP or members-only events.

This should give you a lot of ideas to plan your social media calendar for the month.

Give them gifts, discounts, special offers, goodies etc, anything that resonates with your target audience!

71% customers will recommend a brand to others if they have a good experience with it in social media.

Everyone likes sharing their feedback, opinions, suggestions, testimonials etc, genuinely ask them and engage with them in different social media channels.

Talk about a pain-point and show them how your product can make their life easier. Case studies, how-to guides, tip n tricks, anything which saves their time and money or both.

To top it all up, make it fun and compelling for them to share it with others – and that’s the recipe for a viral content!

The importance of the social media for Business growth can only be understood once you start implementing for your business growth in social media.

If you implement Digital marketing in right way, social media marketing will prove to be really cost effective.

After working with startups such as YourStory, OfferGrid, UnBuffer and more for 7 years, he's decided to fill in the marketing gap by helping them grow without breaking the bank through his growth hacking experiments.
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